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See who's in and who's out

Are you looking for accurate visibility of your employees?

A digital in/out board helps you combat common safety and security challenges in the workplace with a real-time employee dashboard.

  • Share to a smart TV or desktop monitor in a communal area of your workplace to increase transparency.

  • Give access to staff who need info about employees' whereabouts on their own device without needing to be system administrators.

  • Protect your business by having a secure in out board for storing employee data.

Seamless and consistent in out board experience

Need an in out board that works on multiple devices and platforms?

Whether you need visibility at a single location or across multiple locations, our in out board is the solution. 

  • Business and enterprise plans allow for unlimited devices to be connected to the account.
  • Access data from any device, regardless of the operating system or platform.
  • Improve the security of your data by centralizing it on a single platform.

SwipedOn Reception employee IO

Benefits of an employee in and out board

Accurate Visibility

The SwipedOn staffin and out board gives you an up-to-date snapshot of who is at work, in the building, or working remotely with real-time employee whereabouts.

When you use SwipedOn to manage your workplace sign in, you always have the complete picture of all staff and visitor movements on any given day and time.

Improve Efficiency

Automating time tracking and simplifying employee sign in is an easy way to free up your team so that they can focus on higher-priority business activities.

Whether it's for compliance requirements or simple time-tracking, SwipedOn has the tools you need.

Our secure and compliant features, from digital sign-in for staff members to visitor and contractor management, are used by a wide range of industries.

Check out the full suite of product features.

Promote Transparency

Popping out for lunch or heading to another location? Leave a custom message from the SwipedOn Pocket app as you head out to keep your colleagues in the loop.

A staff status board shared to a smart TV or monitor is a great way to improve workplace transparency. Everyone can see who is in, out, or working off-site without needing a SwipedOn admin login.

Setting up our in out board software

  • Use a device that has a high-resolution screen like a smart TV.
  • Follow these simple instructions to get set up.
  • Start using your in out board to improve visibility.


Frequently asked questions

To share your in and out board on an external display we recommend using a dedicated device (smart TV or monitor) that has a high-resolution screen.

While we aim to support as many SmartTV browsers as possible we can't guarantee each and every manufacturer's proprietary browser will be able to display the in out board software

On the device you wish to display your in out board, open a web browser and input this URL https://io.swipedon.com/login

The page will display space to enter a six-character device ID.

This is found in the 'Locations & Devices' > 'Devices' tab in the SwipedOn dashboard.

A device ID can only be used in one place at a time. Any subsequent use of a device ID will log out the current session. 

A full support article is available here.

An employee in and out board is a convenient way to see if staff are at work or not.

When you manage employee sign in with SwipedOn, you have access to an always up-to-date digital in out board whenever you need it.

An employee in/out board is the most efficient way for everyone to know who is where at your workplace. 

Admin staff don't have to waste valuable time manually tracking people down when they need them, and it encourages a more transparent workplace culture for everyone.

SwipedOn's digital in out board check-in system provides real-time visibility and access to staff's location, enabling easy roll calls and emergency response.

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