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Internship Opportunities with SwipedOn (eight in total)


Tauranga, New Zealand


Technical Development interns (four in total)

We have an exciting opportunity for four summer interns (technical development) to introduce a number of new integrations into the SwipedOn platform. The project would build upon the successful work done by previous interns to develop a webhooks service, allowing us to send messages to third-party services when an event happens on our platform. We currently have planned Slack and Teams support, a thermal device support (indicating whether a visitor or employee may be suffering from a virus), gate management, data storage and much more!

Product interns (two in total)

We are also looking for two summer interns (product) to work alongside the integration team to analyse the specifics needed to scope the actual development of integrations. This project would include identifying candidate feature requests that could be solved via an integration, conducting customer research, scoping and validating solutions, and prioritizing competing integration feature options to support and guide the work of the technical interns.

QA Automation Engineer interns (two in total)

And this year we are adding two QA Automation Engineer interns as well, to make up the team of eight in total. The QA’s will extend and improve our end-to-end automation tests, which include modern libraries and tools like Cypress, Jest, Quick, and Nimble. Tests are written in JavaScript, Kotlin and Swift. Planned improvements include:

  • Specific tests for UI regressions
  • Performance testing & logging
  • Unit tests for pre-existing projects in iPadOS, VueJS and Android
  • Support in end-to-end tests for new clients such as an Android tablet app, and TV and kiosk applications
  • Improvements to our existing unit and automated tests, and to our CI pipeline
  • JUnit, Espresso or Roboelectric tests for Android mobile app

The interns will work together in a team, at the direction of a Senior Tech Lead and a Product Owner. The team will run to the same sprint schedule as the other SwipedOn development teams, and will plan and present work on the same schedule. They will be fully embedded in SwipedOn's software development lifecycle, and QA & UAT processes.

Start date

Ideally we are looking at a start date of mid/end November 2021 until mid/end February 2022.

These internships are awesome (paid) opportunities for enthusiastic, curious and driven students to work alongside a supportive and welcoming team on a full time basis (40 hours a week).

Apply now by sending your CV and a cover letter to careers@swipedon.com outlining what internship you are interested in, why you’re interested in SwipedOn and how you feel you could make a contribution to our team!