Contactless sign in for your visitors with SwipedOn

Discover how the SwipedOn visitor management system can provide a contactless sign in solution in your workplace.

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In reaction to the global pandemic, we’ve already brought you visitor screening with approvals, employee screening and contact tracing. Now it’s time to go one step further to ensure your employees remain safe at work; contactless visitor sign in. 

The contactless sign in feature provides a hygienic, touch free way to register visitors at your workplace, reducing the need for interaction. Visitors, contractors or customers can now easily sign in by scanning a QR code with the camera on their mobile device, where they will be prompted to complete the registration on their own device via a browser application. Depending on your business needs, a QR code can be generated via the iPad or through the SwipedOn web dashboard to be printed and displayed at your sign in area. 

SwipedOn contactless sign in

Secure QR code

Provide a dynamic code to complete a contactless visitor sign in upon entry. Using a secure QR code presented on the iPad home screen, visitors can simply scan the code with their mobile device and fill in their details to achieve a contactless entry.
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Sign in without an iPad

Enable a contactless visitor sign in with a single QR code scan. No iPad - no worries! Easily print out a unique QR code via the SwipedOn web dashboard and display it at your front desk or entrance to securely check in visitors.

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