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Simple sign in
A QR code sign in app allows for easy operations by staff and visitors.
Instant notifications
Real-time notifications provide managers and hosts with instant updates on arrivals.
Workplace visibility
The admin dashboard offers real-time analytics, providing complete insight into all visitors to your premises.
Up to date records
QR code check in provides secure digital records for emergencies and audits.

Contactless QR code check in system for iPad and Android devices

  • Add a QR code to your SwipedOn welcome screen to offer a contactless QR check in system
  • Visitors & staff simply scan the code with their mobile device to begin their sign in and achieve contactless entry

QR scanning app for verifiable staff and contractor sign in

  • Facilitate verified sign in across your entire workplace via the SwipedOn Pocket app, phone camera, or a QR scanning app.
  • Watch the video to find out more


Effortless visitor management using our QR sign in/out feature

  • Enable contactlessQR sign in/out with a single scan. No tablet - no worries.
  • Easily print out your unique QR code from the SwipedOn dashboard and display it at your front desk or entrance to securely check in employees, contractors and visitors.


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Benefits Of QR Code Check In

Ensure Security, Safety, and Compliance

Data export, roll call functionality, and secure cloud storage offer total peace of mind. With offline capabilities and digital signature capture, the QR code scan app creates a seamless experience.

Save Time and Effort Tracking Employees

Real-time tracking of employee attendance streamlines the process, saving time and effort for both employees and administrators.

Manage Multiple Locations With One Dashboard

Utilize a QR code check in system to easily gain visibility into multiple sites at your workplace. Configure location-specific settings, organize groups, and customize roles.
How our

QR code sign in

SWO2153 QR Sign In flow-v4

Frequently asked questions

When someone arrives to sign in at your workplace, they have the option to use contactless sign in by scanning the QR code hosted on the home screen of the SwipedOn app, and following the instructions on their mobile device.

Absolutely. We’ve created the contactless feature with all kinds of business needs in mind. If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, you can print out the QR code that you’ll find in the web dashboard and display it somewhere anywhere you require people to sign in.

QR code check in includes both printed and digital options. QR codes involve physical printouts of the scannable code, while digital QR codes are accessed and scanned using smartphones.

When a visitor arrives, they simply need to open the camera on their mobile device and scan the printed QR code displayed at your entrance.

This will prompt them to open the sign in form on their default web browser where they can enter their details and complete the contactless sign in process.

Almost all smartphones already have built-in QR code scanning capabilities within the camera, so there is no need to download a separate scanning app.  

Some older Android phones may not have a native QR code reader available and will require an app to scan QR codes. Android QR scanning apps such as Google Lens, QR code reader or QR & Barcode Reader are all free and available via the Google Play store.

We sure do! In fact, we’ve created an app exclusively for your employees to sign in using their smartphone, therefore eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device. 

A QR code check in streamlines employee tracking, saves time and effort, verifies staff movement, ensures security, safety, and compliance, and helps manage multiple locations with one dashboard.

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