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Smart, simple desk booking software for workplaces of any size

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  • Set resources available
  • Control office capacity, view occupancy and history
  • Locate and book desks on-the-go
  • Advance booking
  • Identify desks as bookable, permanent, or unavailable
  • Interactive mapping

Desk booking in detail
Easily locate key contacts such as fire warden or first aider
Easily locate key contacts such as fire warden or first aider
Real-time desk availability
Easy to use, cloud-based admin platform
Fully customizable to suit your needs
Employees can book desks from their computer or mobile device
Admin staff can load floor plan images and plot resources
QR code check-in/out
Create desk zones to visually identify areas for different work spaces
All-day booking
Block booking
Automated booking conflict resolution
Search for your favorite colleagues and sit next to them
Upload images
View real-time analytics to understand desk allocations, busiest days and locations

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Frequently asked questions

SwipedOn Desks is our cloud-based desk booking platform. It offers any sized business the ability to manage their shared desk spaces from a central application.

Swipedon Desks helps utilize shared spaces effectively, optimizing your operational costs, while giving you greater control over implementing your workplace health and safety policies.

You can find out more here.

SwipedOn Desks allows you to easily manage your working environment via a simple web portal that you can customize to suit your individual needs. The software makes it easy to locate and book available desks on the go or in advance, ensuring everyone always has a desk when they are in the office.

Booking a desk is easily done via the SwipedOn Desks web portal. The default landing page will be the 'Book Desk' page. Employees can select the criteria for the desk they would like and available spots are shown as green on the interactive map.

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