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7 Ways a Visitor Management System Helps Your Business to Save More

On average, a reception desk officer receives approximately £16,802 in the UK. The corresponding figures for front desk officer salaries are $44,321 in the US and $32,841 in Australia. However, do you know that your company can actually spend less on labour costs by utilising the different features a visitor management system can deliver?

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With a visitor management system, you can efficiently manage your front desk without worrying about a visitor's line queuing up.

So what are the various ways visitor management software can benefit your practice, organisation, industry or business? Read on to see how a modern visitor management system can help you save more without affecting efficiency and productivity.

In this video Hadleigh, CEO and Founder of SwipedOn, explains how a modern visitor management system can help you save costs without affecting efficiency and productivity.

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1. Reduced labour cost while improving building security

In the past, a front desk officer welcomed visitors entering your premise. Despite doing their best, there are times when visitors still end up in a queue due to a sudden mass of guests. This entails the need for additional receptionist assistance to attend to them.

Hiring the services of another receptionist just for this purpose may not be necessary. With a visitor management system, you can simply prompt visitors to sign-in using the iPad at the front desk. 

2020_2110-43Even without a physical receptionist attending to their needs, visitors can easily log themselves in and alert you of their arrival. The visitor’s data is automatically stored in the cloud for future reference, minimising its accessibility to just anyone.


Visitor management systems make your front desk more efficient without the need to budget for another receptionist. This helps your business and organisation save money on additional staff.

2. Less paper, fewer costs

Small Business Chron revealed that companies employing from one to four employees spent $1,844 per employee annually on office products. 50 to 60% of these are consumable office supplies such as paper, pens and computer ink.

A digital visitor management system eliminates the use of pen, paper and computer ink. This means more dollar savings for your company. Ultimately, you also join in helping save trees, the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Here, at SwipedOn, we are committed to sponsor a native tree planting for every new customer we acquire. Join us as we help plant more trees. Learn more about our partnership with Trees That Count.


Investing in a digital visitor management system is one of the first steps in achieving a paperless office. This gets rid of visitor sign-in sheets and logbooks, minimising supply costs.

3. Less room for traditional logbooks and visitor information sheets

Can you recall the days when you needed to properly file your visitor logbooks in a room? Just imagine the pile of logbooks and paperwork that room may have contained. More importantly, the potential risk of confidential information getting into the hands of the wrong individual, due to easy access.

Wouldn't it be better to use that valuable space as an additional conference room for your team?

Installing a visitor management system is a smart way of eliminating clutter while saving on space. Now you can keep your office organised and secure without worrying about the extra room where your "confidential" visitor log-in information is stored.


Create additional space for your team. Save yourself from the clutter of visitor log books and breaching data privacy. Learn how fast and easy it is to install your customised visitor management system today.

4. Less time searching for records and more time for production

Let’s be honest in this day and age no one really has the time to sit down and input data from a paper visitor book into an excel spreadsheet.  Now that your visitor management system data is stored in the cloud, you can say goodbye to spending hours of sifting through piles of paperwork just to search for information. 

It’s no longer necessary to read and store traditional visitor information sheets and logbooks, or comb through piles of paperwork just to find information on a specific guest. The system automatically retains visitor information, allowing for fast and convenient visitor tracking. This makes the system one of the most loved applications by receptionists.


A visitor management system now makes searching visitor history and exporting reports easier. It also helps in improving your business security while protecting you against theft and other costly risks.

5. Reduces office distractions resulting in an increase in workplace productivity

In an article published by Inc, it was revealed that when workplace distractions are reduced, whether through training or policies, 75% of employees are more productive, 57% have increased motivation, and 49% are overall happier at work.

Through the aid of check-in software, your reception staff can focus on their work without getting distracted. It assists your front desk officer as people can sign-in on their own via the visitor management system and instantly notify hosts.


With less distraction, this results in a more productive workplace for your business and increased efficiency for your organisation.

6. Never miss an important visitor again

There are moments when you are expecting a visitor but find yourself stuck in traffic or get caught up attending another important meeting. What do you do? How do you inform that person that you are running late or won't be able to meet?

A visitor management system will send you an instant notification upon your visitor's arrival, giving you the ability to respond accordingly if you are running behind time. As needed, you can also forward the email delivery notification to a co-worker so they can easily be alerted if your much-awaited visitor has arrived.


Helps in maintaining a good company impression to visitors while ensuring a positive visitor experience.

7. Eliminates dishonest billing from some contractors

As a building manager, you rely heavily on what contractors say when receiving their invoice. However, how sure are you that the number of hours worked on a particular building or office repair is accurate?

A visitor management system automatically logs the time when a contractor has entered or left your premise. This helps you to better gauge how much time they spent on a particular project.


Pay for the number of actual service hours rendered by contractors, eliminating unnecessary contractor costs. This simple bill verification can save you heaps for the entire year.

SwipedOn has installed thousands of digital visitor management systems worldwide. This has allowed companies to reinvent, simplify and secure their front desk, while ensuring data privacy & security.  

With a digital visitor management system like SwipedOn, a company of any size can implement a digital visitor registration for as little as $25USD per month. Start your 14-day free trial, today. 

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Paul Hansen

Paul is our Chief Marketing Officer at SwipedOn.