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Introducing: SwipedOn for Inductions

You asked for it, and we’ve been busy building it - we’re excited to share that you can now seamlessly manage workplace inductions with SwipedOn!

Ensure visitors and contractors are fully informed and prepared for their visit with the ability to create bespoke inductions specific to your workplace and compliance requirements.

Our new Inductions AddOn puts you in control. Create custom inductions, tailored to the unique compliance needs of your business.

inductions-mockup (1)

  • Include a video, image or document and ask questions to ensure visitors understand your processes, hazards and risks
  • Inductions can be completed on the spot or sent ahead of time via email
  • Set expiry dates and record induction status
  • Easily manage inductions across all locations with a central induction library

Upon completion, records are securely stored for future reference. Visitors who have already completed their induction will skip this part of the sign in flow, and anyone who hasn’t will be required to do so before entering your premises.

How it works:

SWO2318-Induction-Flow-V4 (1)

Create an induction

A company admin creates a new induction flow, this usually consists of a media item (video, document, image), a series of questions, and a validity period.

Assign your induction to a visitor category

The induction is then assigned to a visitor category on the visitor fields page. The SwipedOn Enterprise plan allows you to have different inductions for different categories.

Induction completed by visitor

Preregistered visitors receive a link in their email invitation to complete the induction prior to arriving, alternatively, it can be completed upon sign in. Their induction status is recorded in the SwipedOn system.

Seamless sign in!

Once the induction is completed, visitors can sign in quickly and will only need to redo it once it expires.

The SwipedOn Inductions AddOn makes it easy to streamline your induction process and stay on top of ever-shifting safety, compliance and regulatory requirements.

You can add Inductions to any SwipedOn plan. You can also experience Inductions for yourself completely FREE as part of our 14-day free trial!

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Ashlyn Pedersen

Ashlyn is our Product Owner at SwipedOn.


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