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Quick Questions with Eunah: Sales & Support Specialist

She's coffee crazy (aren't we all 😆). And when she's not going to classical music concerts, visiting art galleries, or dreaming about learning five foreign languages, Eunah is our South Korea based sales and support specialist at SwipedOn. We recently caught up with Eunah to find out what a day in the life at SwipedOn is like for her.

In a nutshell, what do you do at SwipedOn?

I am responsible for identifying opportunities and acquiring new customers to expand the business in South Korea. One of my primary goals is to increase sales in the region through direct interaction with customers. 

What does a day in the life of you at SwipedOn look like?

Check Slack messages. Comunicate with customers via phone and email. Prepare and conduct a product demo. Miscellaneous tasks related to South Korea. :)

What are some of your favourite things about being part of the team here?

I like the SwipedOn people. They are very knowledgeable and warm-hearted and always offer help and advice. Even though I work remotely, I never feel isolated from the teams. I feel lucky to work with such fantastic people! 

What do you particularly like about what we’re doing with SwipedOn?  

SwipedOn has replaced the traditional paper-based sign-in process that has long dominated workplaces. Our system is efficient, user-friendly, and can be easily customized to meet unique needs of its users. It is fascinating to see how our customers from various industries are adapting SwipedOn to their specific environments. 

What three words would you use to describe your role? 

1. Interpersonal

2. Resilient

3. Passionate

Do you have a favourite motto or mantra you live by?

The future starts today, not tomorrow.

What did you do in your previous working life?

I have a background in sales and customer-facing roles, with experience in both the manufacturing field and the oil and gas industry. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of people and gain diverse experiences.

In my previous job before joining SwipedOn, I worked as a market reporter for the Asia gas market. This role involved reviewing and analyzing data, gathering market information and actual prices from traders which was the most difficult part in my task, and publishing a daily report. 

What do you do in your free time?  

I often go to classical music concerts and art galleries. I also love to spend my time in cafes. I am coffee crazy! 

What are three things still left on your bucket list?  

1. Travel all around the world. 🌎 ✈️ 

2. Learn 5 foreign languages.

3. Learn to play a new musical instrument. 🎼 

What’s on your SwipedOn playlist?  

Recently, Handel's variations, Shostatakovich's Symphony No.5, plus songs by Whitney Houston and Michael Buble. Also various K-Pop singers and bands.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could choose one person from the SwipedOn team to come with you, who would you take and why?

Vanessa, I want to be closer to her because she is nice and makes people smile. 

Let’s end this with a random fact about you… or a random fact you love!

People think I'm introverted and quiet. But in some ways, I am very brave and also love adventures. I have travelled to many countries alone. I'm always curious about new places and enjoy communicating with new people.  

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Lou Burton

Lou is our Brand & Content Manager at SwipedOn.


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