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The SwipedOn Pocket App Is Now Available on Browser

We're kicking off 2024 with a brand new way for employees to sign in and book resources with SwipedOn!

Some of the most common feedback we hear from customers is that employees don’t want to have the SwipedOn Pocket app downloaded on their mobile devices. If this sounds like a problem you face with getting SwipedOn adopted at your workplace, we’ve got great news - Employees can now sign in and book resources from a web browser.

To access, visit my.swipedon.com

This is done via a Progressive Web App (PWA). It's essentially a web browser version of the SwipedOn Pocket app that offers most of the same features and capabilities but is delivered through a web browser. This means you can sign in and book resources from a desktop or mobile phone without having the SwipedOn Pocket app downloaded. 

PWAs are designed to load fast and are accessed through a web browser, making them easily available on various devices and platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Employees using the SwipedOn PWA will automatically have the latest version, which means no need to manually update their app through the app store.

PWAs are served over HTTPS, which ensures a secure connection between the user and the app, protecting against data breaches and other security vulnerabilities.

You'll notice we mentioned the SwipedOn PWA offers most of the same functionality as the full SwipedOn Pocket app. There are a couple of features that will not be supported on the PWA:

As there is no way to verify the location of the device, the PWA will not support location-based features like auto-sign in and sign in reminders. 

As this is a beta release initially, you can share any feedback you have by hitting the "Give Feedback" tab on the right hand side of the screen (on desktop) or the pencil tab on mobile. 

For any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team

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Mia Campbell

Mia is our Product Marketing Lead at SwipedOn


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