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14 Things Only A Receptionist Will Understand

Single handedly answering calls, greeting clients and employees with a smile, ordering stationery and filling up the bowl of candied mints - all while searching high and low for the office supply of Post-It notes that seems to have diminished far too quickly; receptionists are the multi-tasking Ninjas of the workplace.

Visitor management system or no visitor management system, if these talented colleagues weren't around to man the desk, cracks would quickly appear. And while people can begin to understand the daily tasks and duties a receptionist takes on, there are a few things that only a receptionist will understand... 

14 Things Only A Receptionist Will Understand, SwipedOn

1. When the whole workforce gets their online shopping sent to the office.


2. When the phone calls just as you took the first bite of your sandwich.


3. When you say ‘Good Afternoon’ but it’s only 9am.


4. You know all the office gossip.


5. People expect you to know everything about anything…


6. When someone phones to ask for detailed directions and you have to resist the urge to just tell them to USE GOOGLE MAPS.


7. When someone asks for their personal mail to be sent out using the company postage budget... And you let them. Just this once.


8. When you’re having a terrible day, but you have to cover it with a smile.


9. When you got delayed on your way into work and the reception is unmanned for 10 minutes. And no-one else knows how to handle it.


10. When you have to explain the visitor book sign in system for the 100th time a day.


11. When you started out with five pens yesterday but now you can't even find one.


12. When you need to determine quickly if the person calling REALLY knows the CEO…


13. But of course, if there’s leftover catering from client meetings, you have first dibs…


14. And you have the power to decide if someone doesn’t get the memo on that, so ain’t no-one going to mess with you!


How will you celebrate #ReceptionistDay in your office and show of appreciation for your multi-tasking superstars? We’d love to know, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and join the international appreciation day for receptionists!

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14 things only a receptionist will understand

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Lou Burton

Lou is our Brand & Content Manager at SwipedOn.