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How to Build Productive Workspaces with Smart Office Space Utilization

If you've looked around your office and felt a sense of loss and isolation, you're not alone. There's even a saying for it: empty building syndrome. Unfortunately, you're not the only one experiencing these emotions. Your customers can feel it, too. They, however, don't know that the empty desks aren't part of a massive layoff but, rather, the onset of the hybrid workforce.

Several studies reveal that about one-third of workspaces are empty throughout the day. So, what are businesses doing to bring life back into their once-busy buildings? They're getting smart — office space utilization kind of smart. 

What can you do with all that space taken up by empty desks? We have some ideas, and so do the businesses looking to entice top talent: 

  • Create more collaboration spaces 
  • Provide a zen retreat for your employees to revitalize
  • Enhance gyms and recreational spaces
  • Adopt workspaces with sit-stand and treadmill desks

Are you excited about the possibilities? Your employees certainly are. In fact, those employees who campaigned for a flexible work schedule may rethink their choice... Let's explore how you can take the office space from ✨ forlorn to fantastic ✨ 

What Is Smart Office Space Utilization?

Smart office space utilization gives employees choices and creates a flexible work environment that goes along with their flexible schedules. The one-desk, one-person rule is tossed out the window. In its place is a high-tech, engaging, and productive environment. 

It's an office where staff gather together in huddle rooms, collaborating with remote team members. You see individuals in designated quiet areas for concentration and others in lounges with digital whiteboards. A sense of energy is being restored, one well-used space at a time.

So, how do you get here from where you are? Do your employees walk in the door and then sprint for their desired workstation? Au contraire! You incorporate space management software, an app that allows your staff to reserve their desired work spot for the day. How smart is that?

How Does Smart Space Utilization Work?

The beauty of smart space optimization lies in its simplicity, thanks to technology. First, you create the workspaces. Consider designating certain areas for various types of work or specific team members. Then, your team members use their smartphones to reserve these spaces. 

You can even put QR codes on each workstation, enabling employees to easily scan their chosen desks while in the office. Administrators define the parameters, such as how far in advance your employees can book their workspaces. 

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And it gets even better.

This same system allows your employees to reserve other resources, such as laptops, lockers, projectors, headsets, and vehicles. Any items your staff regularly uses can be set up as a resource.

Real-time data on space and resource usage provides the information you need to make important business decisions. You can quickly identify underutilized areas and resources, enabling you to repurpose or determine if downsizing is the right decision. Knowing what spaces your employees use tells you the area you'll need when selecting another property, as well as the type of space your employees find the most productive. 

Are desks by the windows taken first or the wide-open spaces for group collaboration and engagement? Do you need more room for video conferencing so your teams can stay connected, whether onsite or remote? Look to the days with the highest staff numbers when determining your next move and making vital business decisions.

Importance of Office Space Utilization

Office space utilization is critical for several reasons, including company culture, productivity, and profits — pretty important stuff. 

Company Culture

Your office reflects your company's culture. It tells existing employees and potential candidates how invested you are in creating a progressive, healthy, and productive workspace. You reveal your priorities in how you use your space. 

Reduced Costs

Office space utilization offers even more than incentivizing staff. It also enables you to optimize office layouts and, potentially, reduce costs. Space optimization allows your company to grow without having to upsize your office space. Ultimately, you may even consider downsizing. 

Enhanced Productivity 

How an office is arranged and used significantly affects employee productivity. Open spaces have displaced cubicles, but are they optimized for productivity? Is there space for the person who needs quiet, focused concentration? Are some areas overcrowded? 

By creating an office with specific zones and workspaces designed for various needs, you make a space where everyone can find the environment they need to succeed. 

Maximum Agility 

An evolving company requires agility. It's the ability to quickly adapt that helps you stay relevant and ahead of the competition. A flexible office makes it easy to make changes, transforming as needed. 

As Bill Gates said, "Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent."

Transforming Your Workplace, One Desk At a Time

At SwipedOn, we make transitioning to smart offices with optimum space utilization effortless. Our space management software lets you manage everything from one platform. Now, you know exactly who is using what and for how long. 

Employees use the SwipedOn app to view interactive maps that show availability. Then, they book what they need, ensuring a productive day when they arrive. Is there someone who regularly books a desk that they rarely use? Send a reminder. Not only will they understand the importance of utilizing requested resources, but they'll also come to understand themselves a little better. 

Are you ready to get the most out of your space and create an environment that inspires? It's time to join the flexible workspace revolution. Learn why thousands of companies, such as Estee Lauder, Mitsubishi Motors, and Krispy Kreme, are turning to SwipedOn for their desk and resource booking — try our 14-day free trial!

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Ashlyn Pedersen

Ashlyn is our Product Owner at SwipedOn.