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5 Reasons Visitor Management Systems Are Vital on Construction Sites

Did you know that in 2014, one in five employees killed on the job were construction workers? One important tool that can help prevent such accidents on construction sites is a visitor management system. Besides mitigating safety risks, visitor management systems can benefit construction sites in a variety of other ways as well. Here are a few reasons every construction site needs one

1. Streamline Compliance and Security Standards

To satisfy security requirements, most construction sites will require workers and visitors to sign NDAs and liability waivers before stepping foot on-site. This process is followed by a general briefing on additional safety information and procedures.

According to Audra Bianca of Bizfluent, “In order to protect the workers and the employers, managers and workers must follow uniform safety procedures so that everyone is safe.”


1. Streamline Compliance and Security Standards - SwipedOn


A visitor management system allows you to combine all these steps into one. The software can streamline your check in process by embedding security documents and safety precaution notes as your workers are checking in. When visitors and workers sign the agreement on the way in, staff can easily document, find, and access the agreement from the dashboard. The agreement and documents also include visit details. Guests can also have a copy of the documents emailed to them as well.

If you’re hiring workers from another company, you can also send security documents and agreements to the company. This way, companies can gain a digital record of the time and date workers sign in onto the construction site.

2. Increased Visibility for Staff, Contractors, and Visitors on Site

In 2014, there were more than 899 fatalities in the construction industry, accounting for 19% of work-related deaths in the US. Injuries and fatalities are high in the construction industry due to numerous risks. According to the OHSA, these include falling from dangerous heights, equipment run overs, cave-ins, fires, and explosions.

A visitor management system can give front office staff and upper management a bird’s eye view of everyone on the construction site, including real-time data of workers and visitors checking in and out. If there is an emergency, your organization has complete information for everyone on-site, including emergency contact information for anyone involved.

3. Brief and Inform Visitors of Safety Precautions

There are many situations where other guests like investors, community representatives, marketing and sales staff, and external consultants may visit the site.

Unlike workers, these visitors don't have the correct training when it comes to safety and security risks on a construction site. Bringing an outsider in with no experience can result in harm or damage to themselves and others. Hence, it’s necessary to always brief all your visitors, especially guests with limited experience of being on a construction site.

3. Brief and inform visitors of safety precautions - SwipedOn

With a visitor management system, you can cover all of your safety and legal bases by including waivers, NDAs, a quick briefing, and key safety information for visitors to read, acknowledge, and sign. Once again, these guests and the organization they represent can also receive a copy of the information emailed to them as well

4. Print and Enforce Photo ID Badges

Strong security is an absolute necessity on construction sites. The risks and dangers are not limited only to workers and visitors, however, but the organization as well. To protect the site from theft, damage, or equipment loss, you can keep track of visitors and workers entering the site with the assistance of a photo ID Badge.

A photo ID Badge ensures that only specific people can access the construction site and the equipment. It also helps instantly identify non-company personnel and visitors on site. SwipedOn's visitor management system includes an automatic, wireless photo ID badge printer that prints adhesive badges on-the-spot.

This way, after signing in, visitors and workers can immediately receive a photo ID badge. For increased security, front-office staff can also view photos saved on the dashboard, to see if the visitor or worker matches up against their photo ID.


4. Print and Enforce Photo ID Badges - SwipedOn


5. Emergency Evacuations

On construction sites, fires, explosions, and chemical spills can often lead to emergency evacuations. In these circumstances, all organizations need to have a proper emergency action plan and evacuation policy and procedures.

A visitor management system allows receptionists, fire wardens and other personnel with access to track who's on-site or in the building. Since SwipedOn's visitor management system is on an iPad, you can use bring the iPad along as a portable roll call. You can also use it as a real-time record keeper in order to quickly evacuate people out of the construction site.


5. Emergency Evacuations - SwipedOn

Although a construction site is one of the most dangerous places for workers, taking precautionary measures such as adopting a visitor management system can significantly reduce the number of possible accidents and fatalities.

A visitor management system works as the site's first line of defense. It ensures that only qualified personnel can enter the site, and helps monitor worker and visitor movement. It also prints photo ID Badges so management and employees can instantly identify contractors, workers, and visitors entering the facility. If you want to protect your construction sites from safety and security risks, sign up for SwipedOn's 14-day free trial.

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Jason Scott

Jason is our Product Manager at SwipedOn


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