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    Employee QR Check In: Fresh Feature Alert


    If anything is clear from 2021 it’s that QR codes aren’t going anywhere, but luckily your employees still can with the help of our latest product feature - verified QR sign in 🔥For customers on our Business and Enterprise plans, SwipedOn Pocket now supports QR sign in for employees via location specific QR codes. 

    We get it...  it’s not always practical to have an iPad at every location you require staff to check in and this feature means you don’t have to. 

    No iPad? No Worries

    You can now use QR codes to facilitate verified sign in’s across your different locations via SwipedOn Pocket,  phone camera, or a QR scanning app.

    Each one of your SwipedOn locations has a unique QR code, giving you oversight of which employees have signed in at which locations over the course of the day.


    Employees simply scan the QR code and let the SwipedOn Pocket app do the rest, verifying the QR code and matching it to the correct location instantly.

    This QR capability also offers an even quicker sign in option and makes roaming to different office locations easier than ever - just wave your camera over the code on your way to the nearest coffee machine or meeting and let us do the rest ✅


    If you are already using contactless QR code sign in for visitors, employees can use the same QR code for their sign in.

    Verify Employee Check In

    One of the advantages of this feature is the ability to verify employee movements and whereabouts. You can now make it compulsory for employees to check in via QR in order to confirm their location. 

    Once enabled in the dashboard, when employees open the Pocket app, they will be prompted to scan the QR code in order to sign in to that location (they will not be able to swipe to sign in on the app), when it’s time to leave, they can swipe to sign out as usual or scan the QR code again. 

    In the dashboard, administrators will see this icon in the employee timeline,  showing that the check in location is verified.


    Seamless, Speedy Sign In

    The ability to sign in via QR makes the roaming experience even more seamless, employees no longer need to know the exact name of the location they are trying to check in to. They can simply turn up, scan the code and let SwipedOn pocket do the rest. 

    The app will verify their location and they can sign there for the day.


    Find out how to enable QR sign in here

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    Jason Scott

    Jason is our Product Manager at SwipedOn


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