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Introducing SwipedOn Pocket; the smartphone app for your employees which helps you to facilitate a risk-free workplace via a contactless sign in experience for your staff.

As your business begins to operate in this new normal, and therefore employees might return to work, you can empower them to feel safe in the workplace by implementing the use of SwipedOn Pocket. If you are already using - or would like to begin using - SwipedOn as a digital in out board for your employees, SwipedOn Pocket is seamlessly integrated with the SwipedOn web dashboard.

The mobile app has been designed specifically for your employees and is an effective tool for staff across a broad range of industries; from on site in the construction industry to the office workplace, medical facilities and beyond. Easily ask employee screening questions and allow employees to add custom status messages and return times on sign out.

SwipedOn Pocket is available on both Android and iOS. Learn how to activate SwipedOn Pocket on your account now using our support article.

SwipedOn Proximity

SwipedOn Proximity offers verified sign in for employees using the SwipedOn Pocket app.

Users of our dedicated employee companion app will be prompted to sign in when they are within a predetermined radius of the iPad. Employees will know they are within proximity to an iPad when they open SwipedOn Pocket and see the pulsing green circles around their profile photo. The sign in is then shown as verified in the web dashboard.

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Employee Introduction

In this video, SwipedOn inbound sales executive Judea, guides your employees through SwipedOn Pocket. If you’d like to share this video directly with your employees use this link.

Employer Introduction

In this video, SwipedOn senior mobile developer Jason, guides you through SwipedOn Pocket.