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10 Things Only A Receptionist Knows About Dealing With Deliveries

Our professional administrators are the multi-tasking super heroes of most organizations - some may say the glue that holds together the logistics of a working day; from looking after deliveries to creating a great first impression for any visitors or clients who enter the building, and injecting all the fun into our - sometimes mundane - days along with it. Simply put, they are awesome.

And, with the ever evolving age of e-commerce shopping, more and more people get their internet shopping delivered to the office. It's a big job and someone has to deal with this huge influx. There are some things that only a receptionist understands, and to be more specific, some things only a reception understands about managing deliveries. Relate, celebrate, commiserate; read on and enjoy! 

1. When you have heaps of duties to do but for some reason you seem to have taken on the role of office courier...


2. But at least everyone is always nice to you because they know you bring them parcels...


3. And then there's figuring out which parcel is for who...


4. And manually typing every email to everyone who got a parcel


5. When someone asks “Did a parcel arrive for me?” And you’re thinking, "20 parcels arrived, one of them was probably for you."


6. The only way to see that people aren’t collecting their parcels and the mailroom starts to get a bit intense 


7. The courier just dropped the goods and ran


8. Everyone gets their Christmas shopping shipped to the office


9. Oh and when everyone gets their Black Friday shopping shipped to the office


10. And then y’all installed SwipedOn Deliveries at your front desk and sh*t got real.


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Lou Burton

Lou is our Brand & Content Manager at SwipedOn.