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A Guide To Contact Tracing for Your Workplace

As some countries across the globe emerge from the worst of COVID-19, we begin to look ahead to a global society post-COVID-19, thinking about how workplaces worldwide will need to take preventative measures in a world that will have many takeaway learnings from this time. For businesses which are able to resume in the immediate aftermath, new challenges are set to arise and a new normal awaits. This might include new government regulations around the implementation of a tool which can facilitate contact tracing. At time of writing, it's unclear what those exact terms will be for multiple countries across the globe.

In this video, CEO and founder of SwipedOn, Hadleigh guides you through how SwipedOn can be used as a contact tracing tool in the workplace.


SwipedOn is a New Zealand based business and, not only are we specialists in visitor and employee sign-in, but we’ve been working with businesses to help keep their visitors and employees safe using a visitor management system since 2013. Meaning we’ve developed the features that’ll help you run your business safely, especially during this new challenge for all businesses - a pandemic. We've also seen first hand how businesses are approaching a post-COVID-19 workplace with a need for a contact tracing and visitor screening tool.

Here’s how SwipedOn can help you manage your visitors, customers and employees post COVID-19. 

#1 Accurate time-stamping for contact tracing

SwipedOn facilitates both visitors and employees signing in and signing out with a simple user interface. For visitors, you’ll capture names, phone numbers and email addresses as standard. Plus, in the admin view on the web browser dashboard, you’ll have full information about the exact time of entry and exit, as all visits are time-stamped accurately. Should the need arise to carry out contact tracing, you can use the 'contact tracing' button in the web dashboard to quickly retrieve the required data. 


#2 Keeping accurate records for at least two months

In case your local public health unit needs to access your records to carry out contact tracing, your business might be advised to keep records for a specified amount of time. As a cloud based application, SwipedOn allows you to safely store all data digitally indefinitely for your customer lifetime. You are also able to manually clean the data - so after six months you can delete this data - or sooner depending on legislation in your region.


#3 What does contact tracing in a ‘safe way’ mean?

What does contact tracing in a safe way mean? Quite simply, ensuring data is kept private and complies with data privacy regulations is important, along with having a hygienic way to capture the information such as contactless sign-in

#4 Visitor & Employee Screening 

To help protect your business, you are also able to screen your visitors prior to entry using the SwipedOn visitor screening feature. Ask all visitors or customers simple yes no questions such as ‘have you been experiencing flu like symptoms in the past 14 days?’ to determine whether they are safe to enter your business as per your company’s policy. Employees are then able to approve or deny visitors from the convenience of their smartphone using the approvals function.


If you have employee sign in enabled, you also have the option of asking employees these same screening questions.


#5 COVID-19 policy awareness & acceptance

Add your company policy into the digital non-disclosure agreement and ensure your visitor signs this to agree to comply when on the premises. You may want to add this to your current company policy or you may want a policy that relates specifically to COVID-19. We created a PDF based on WHO recommendations, to make this easy for you to upload.


#6 Contactless visitor sign-in

While best practice during the outbreak of COVID-19 was to prevent spread of infection in the office by sanitising the iPad between uses, our team have been busy developing a brand new contactless solution for ultimate hygiene best-practice. Visitors can simply scan a QR code hosted on the sign in screen of the iPad, and follow the sign in instructions via the browser on their mobile device.


Looking for more information?

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If you have any questions about how SwipedOn can help facilitate visitors and employees in your business, speak with a member of our world customer support team today via the chat icon in the bottom right of your browser.

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Hadleigh Ford

Hadleigh is our CEO and Founder at SwipedOn.