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How Sign In Software Helps With Employee Recruitment

As modern business becomes more competitive, and the effects of "the great recession" become even more apparent, it's no secret that businesses are trying to do all they can to attract skilled talent to help them succeed.

Not only this, but the hiring process has become a lot more complicated in recent years and retaining skilled employees has also been a challenge for organizations. A 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics report found that the average annual turnover rate is close to 57% in the United States.

These days, talented candidates have plenty of options—and they’re not settling for employers that can’t meet their expectations. So what are candidates looking for? and how can you set your business apart? 

A good experience from the start

Have you ever begun an interview with a candidate and known within a few minutes whether they’ll progress to the next stage or not? Well, you're not the only one! Candidates are also forming first impressions and looking out for red flags in regards to your business.

A good experience starts from the moment a candidate enters your premises and includes factors such as:

  • How employees are treated
  • How you present yourself (e.g, clothing, manners, culture)
  • Evidence that you’ve done your research on them and can see that you are engaged



An efficient workplace

Employees want to know they will be in a workplace environment where they can be productive and get the job done with as little friction as possible. Outdated systems, processes, and tools are all frustrating and counter-productive to an overall smooth workplace experience. An efficient workplace means:

  • Everyone is being productive in the right ways
  • Expectations and goals are being met
  • Efficient use of time and effort, with minimal wasted downtime
  • Effective management processes are in place to help prevent things like employee burnout

A good company culture 

Company culture has grown in significance for employees and having one that matches your values can help elevate your products and services and overall employer brand. As more businesses look to include employees in their growth journey, having a strong, positive office culture can drive better business outcomes.

A recent PwC survey of over 3000 business leaders and employees revealed that 69% of business leaders attributed much of their success over the pandemic to having a resilient company culture, and the majority reported that culture was more important to them than strategy or operations.

Having a positive company culture can also support several other vital areas, including: 

  • Employee happiness 
  • Productivity levels 
  • Building a sense of trust in the workplace 

The best candidates understand the correlation between culture and productivity and will include it as an essential part of their checklist when searching for jobs. If you haven’t reviewed yours, now is the time to look at how you can improve. 

Suitable compensation for their jobs 

Money is an uncomfortable subject for many, but the reality is that it’s an integral part of candidates’ job search.

If your employees are compensated fairly for their efforts and value to the company they’ll be more motivated to show up and produce outstanding results. Wages that fairly represent a prospect’s experience and abilities show that you are investing in a partnership that benefits the company, and its people.

How workplace check in software helps attract more talented candidates:

Modern workers want modern technology, and one easy-to-implement way to make yourself more attractive to job seekers is by implementing workplace sign in software like SwipedOn.

Personalize your welcome

If someone arrives at your premises and is kept waiting to be greeted and then presented with a paper sign-in book and questionnaire, you’re sure to make an impression—but perhaps not the kind you hoped. 

On the other hand, if guests are greeted promptly and can sign in using a QR code or with a few taps at a kiosk, they’ll appreciate your effort in providing a smooth experience. A workplace sign in solution shows you have clearly defined processes in place to provide a welcoming and efficient sign-in.


SwipedOn also gives you the option to create custom visitor flows based on the type of guest you are welcoming, ask different questions, provide different agreements so you can ensure you're only getting the information you need from your visitors.

Workplace sign-in software shows that you value security 

Companies face a number of risks every day, and ensuring the highest levels of security is crucial. Employees want to feel safe on the job, but it's clear many don't; this 2019 research revealed that nearly four in 10 employees were more worried about their safety that year than in the previous year. 


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Offices also face several threats when it comes to online and data security. These can have significant consequences for employees, but can also seriously impact the business in terms of regulatory violations. 

A workplace check in solution shows that you value office security and are doing all you can to protect your visitors and employees. Moreover, it highlights that you care about users’ information.

A dedicated system demonstrates that you care about productivity 

The systems you invest in will help to determine the success or failure of your business—and employees need to have the right tools to do their jobs. Companies often struggle because the technology that previously served them well no longer does. 

When you use a digital sign in system, it highlights to your candidates that you care about productivity and streamlined processes. These tools enable your front desk staff to get their jobs done with minimal stress, and it suggests to candidates that you’re willing to do the same for your other employees. By showing that you care about productivity and helping team members perform efficiently, it becomes easier for a talented candidate to accept a job offer.

Digital sign in software is one of many ways to attract better candidates

Attracting the best fit for your team is a complex task that requires attention in several areas. To improve your chances of attracting higher-quality employees, make an excellent first impression and consider using a workplace sign in system to stand out. 

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Roz Lillas

Roz is our HR Specialist at SwipedOn