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Reception Branding: Strengthening the Visitor Experience

The significance of first impressions is something ingrained into many of us from a young age. We hear the adage “first impressions count” and “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. They remind us to ‘put our best foot forward’ in new interpersonal situations. It’s the same when greeting a visitor. By extension, the same rule can apply for a visitor entering your company for the very first time. As your reception is usually the first thing your visitors will see, it’s important to ensure it is both inviting and representative of your company. The experience in your reception will likely form a large part of your visitors’ first impression. For this reason, branding is a powerful tool to use to communicate your company image.


The significance of branding runs through both the inner and outer appearance of your company.It’s related to the experience that your visitors have when they interact with you. Your brand reputation is determined by everything you do and how you do everything, so it’s important to ensure a smooth flowing brand experience. Remember – all of your branding efforts combine together to create a persona of your brand in the eyes of your visitors and/or customers alike. A good experience will associate positive emotions with the company and will facilitate the start of a connection and relationship between the visitor and the company.

So – when visitors walk through the door of your office, what do they experience? Does that experience fit with who your brand is and express who you are as a company?


To ensure your visitors have a great first impression in your reception, you should adopt processes that can enhance the visitor experience. Visitor management solutions are a great aid to a company’s professional image via custom branding and because they offer a modern approach. Signing an old visitor book as opposed to a sleek iPad is far more engaging to a new visitor! The action of signing in using a visitor management system is both welcoming and efficient. It creates a strong and professional experience that visitors appreciate and remember whilst reinforcing your company image. This all ties in and plays a part in enhancing your overall brand value.

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Ben Scott

Ben is our Head of Product and Co-Founder at SwipedOn.


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