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Send Invites to Preregistered Visitors

The ability to send external invites to your preregistered visitors has been a highly requested addition to the SwipedOn system and we're happy to let you know it's live now 🙌

Preregistering and inviting visitors ahead of time helps your team streamline front desk processes even more. Admin staff know exactly who to expect, guests have the information they need, and sign in is sped up for everyone once they arrive.

Invitations are created from the Visitor Timeline in SwipedOn web Dashboard. From here, you can send your guest an email invite for them to add to their calendar, pre-fill any required questions on their behalf, and edit (or cancel) the invitation after it’s been sent.

To create an invite: 

  1. Head to the Preregistration tab in the Visitor Timeline.
  2. Click the "Add Visitor" button, and a drawer will open on the right-hand side of the screen where all the relevant information can be entered for the visit. 
  3. Click "Preregister Visit", if you have selected the box to send an email, the visitor will be sent an invite with all the details of their visit, and the option to add it to their calendar via .ics file. 

Some things to note:

  • The information entered is visitor category-specific. You can choose which questions to leave in the invite and can pre-fill if you’d like. These will display as already selected/answered when the visitor arrives to sign in.
  • Host selection is category specific - if this feature is disabled in the selected category it will not show when you create the invite.

To view or edit preregistered visitors: 

You can view any visitors who are preregistered from the "Preregistration" tab in the Visitor Timeline. From here, simply click the visitor you wish to make any changes to. You cannot edit the visitor email, location or visitor category. If you need to change these details, you'll need to delete the visit and start again. 

Once your changes are made, you can choose to send an updated invite if they have already received one, or send an invite if you chose not to send one originally. 

To delete a preregistered visitor: 

From the "Preregistration" tab in the Visitor Timeline, select the visitor(s) that you would like to delete, you can choose to notify the visitor with an email or not. Once deleted, the visit will be removed from the "Preregistration" tab. 

For more information on this feature, head to our support center article or reach out with any questions.  

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Ashlyn Pedersen

Ashlyn is our Product Owner at SwipedOn.


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