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What Are the Benefits of Using an Employee In Out Board For Office?

Full visibility over workplace operations helps managers develop effective strategies and procedures for success, and an employee status board is one essential tool that provides both oversight and insight. With improved transparency, convenience, and even safety, business leaders enjoy several benefits for their organizations, particularly at this time of widespread digital transformation. An employee in-out board delivers workforce transparency, aids management with scheduling, and simplifies resource utilization planning for hybrid offices.

What Is an Employee Status Board?

An employee status board is an electronic system that helps track employees and their status. Since the application is digital and updating is done on the cloud, employees can update their status and location in real time and managers and staff can see the availability and location of their coworkers. It gives visibility to the entire team, which streamlines collaboration and improves productivity. 

Why Employee In Out Boards Are Becoming More Important

Here are a few reasons utilizing an employee in-and-out board is more important than ever.

Growing Companies and Industries

When companies grow and scale their operations, it often means expanding and opening branches and offices in different locations - and hiring more people. With a cloud-based in out board for office use, visibility over operations at multiple sites improves operational clarity. 

Popularity of Hybrid and Remote Work

Hybrid arrangements are the future of work. With digitization taking center stage and an increasing focus on employee engagement and satisfaction, many companies are now seeking to accommodate hybrid work models. 

However, the popularity of remote and hybrid working has complicated visibility. While it opens up exciting opportunities to explore flexible work, innovation, and collaboration, it can also pose challenges regarding communication and availability. 

According to a Gartner poll, 91% of leaders in HR have activated work-from-home options, but technological infrastructure remains the biggest challenge - with 54% of HR leaders saying subpar technology and/or lack of remote working infrastructure is the greatest challenge for remote work. A staff in-and-out board can be a critical tool to unify your workforce across home and office.

Greater Need for Better Communication

Remote and hybrid work, coupled with the continuous growth and scaling of companies and industries, will result in a demand for improved communication and collaboration tools for team members. 

What Do Businesses Gain by Implementing a Digital In and Out Board for Office Use?

What do businesses gain by implementing an office in-and-out board? Here are the main benefits:

1. Better Employee Transparency

A transparent workplace improves company culture because it builds trust and promotes open communication. Managers and business leaders can strengthen their relationships with their employees, which helps nurture a collaborative working environment. 

With an employee status board, leaders and team members have a clear picture of who is currently working, and whether they are on site or remote. Through real-time employee dashboards, leaders and HR departments can see and derive insights from historical reports. 

Historical reports also provide supervisors and managers with a better understanding of the productive times of their team members to facilitate effective scheduling and help prevent unnecessary interruptions. 

2. Improved First Responder Effectiveness in Emergencies

An employee in out board is more than just a staff status board. They can also be customized to integrate with a visitor management system (VMS) that allows leaders and security officers to strengthen workplace security and site safety. During an emergency event such as an emergency evacuation, this can help improve first responder effectiveness. 

Data is stored in the cloud and provides first responders an accurate headcount of employees, staff, and visitors within the premises. 

Benefits of using employee status board in the office: evacuation management

3. Enhanced Visibility on Premises

An employee in out board offers enhanced visibility on business premises, even for organizations with multiple office sites. These boards can be customized to include employee photos to provide an additional layer of security through accurate staff identification. 

Leaders no longer need to conduct regular site visits to track employee movement in each and every location. An efficient, cloud-based digital in out board for office use can give the head office a real-time view of personnel attendance on site and those working remotely to ensure the operations are running smoothly. 

Benefits of using employee status board in the office: enhanced visibility on the premises

22% of people who want to to work onsite say they want to be visible to their managers (Image Source).

The software also permits the proper tracking of other resources, including room assignments and scheduling of meeting rooms. 

4. Improved Cross-Device Syncing

A digital employee status board is also critical for improving cross-device synchronization. This is important when it comes to meeting regulatory compliance requirements, particularly in data sharing and retention. Using cloud-based software simplifies the synchronization process across various devices and multiple locations and helps HR teams process payroll and schedules. 

Employee status board software can work on various devices, allowing you to manage, communicate, and track the status of any employee at any time. 

5. Instant, Real-Time Visitor Notifications

In today’s digital world, instant messages and notifications are expected and ubiquitous. Built with robust notification options, including email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and push notifications, SwipeOn’s simple in out board makes it easier than ever to keep track of employees and visitors.

Real-time notifications are a great solution for employee and visitor approvals, visitor arrivals, deliveries, catering, and more. Simply choose which type of notifications you would prefer to receive and adjust your instant notification settings based on your particular needs, and the in/out board for the office will be customized to your use case.

6. Robust Analytics and Streamlined Dashboards

The dashboard of the employee status board serves as a hub for your employee and visitor activities and provides insightful information and comprehensive analytics. This powerful tool is easy to use, customizable, and is sure to make your work life more manageable. The dashboard includes a snapshot of how many visitors are signed in and expected, who is working remotely and on-site, trends, recent activities, delivery updates, emergency management, and more.

7. GDPR Compliance Made Easy

Protecting your business from often-complicated and changing laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is critical in today's workplace. We help you remain compliant and offer a vast range of features and settings to cover your legal requirements.

We help keep your visitor information private and secure by replacing paper visitor logs. In addition, our secure data processing and anonymization of data is comprehensive and up to date. And our visitor and privacy settings, along with the ability to export an employee’s personal data, ensure you are protected.

What Are the Important Features of an In-Out Board?

A modern in-out board should have several key features:

  • Easy Multi-Device Check-In/Check-Out: It should be simple and quick to check in and check out for the day. The system should be accessible from the web and mobile devices.
  • Organization-Wide Visibility: For the sake of transparency, everyone in the business needs to be represented on the board. The digital status board itself should be visible to all members of the company, not just management.
  • Clear Status Indicators: The basic job of the in/out board is displaying employee location status. Status indicators need to be clear, easy to understand, and accurate.
  • Real-Time Notifications: To allow for meeting visitors, receiving deliveries, and other urgent matters, the status board system should generate real-time notifications to appropriate parties, ensuring prompt action by the right people.

What Steps Should Organizations Take To Successfully Implement an Employee In-and-Out Board?

To implement a digital status board quickly and easily:

  • Sign up with SwipedOn.
  • Configure the board for your needs.
  • Have employees download the mobile app.
  • Train employees on how to check in and out.
  • Enjoy the benefits of greater workplace transparency!

TLDR: An Employee In Out Board Is a Must-Have for Tech-Forward Companies

To succeed, companies must understand the importance of having a dynamic and interactive workforce and encourage employee collaboration. In remote and hybrid work, this can become challenging without a solid technology infrastructure. An employee in out board for office use is a cost-effective and efficient tool that gives business leaders the oversight they need.

This technology quickly improves employee transparency, improves first responder effectiveness and emergency management, enhances visibility on site, improves cross-device syncing, provides real-time visitor notifications, analytics, and dashboards, and keeps your business GDPR compliant. Overall, SwipedOn will help you save time and money.

As companies continue to evolve with various tech stacks, artificial intelligence, and the latest tools to compete and succeed in today’s competitive landscape, implementing the right systems can be challenging. However, it is critically important and necessary to partner with the right providers to meet your unique needs.

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Jason Scott

Jason is our Product Manager at SwipedOn


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