SwipedOn is used across education facilities all over the world to help track visitors entering and exiting the building. It surpasses the old paper visitor book and allows strict safety and security rules to be adhered to. Below you will find case studies from real SwipedOn customers in the education sector, located across the globe, who have improved their visitor management operation by replacing their paper visitor book with a digital solution.
Wenatchee School District, USA

Wenatchee School District, USA
With over 1,000 employees and upwards of 7,500 students, Wenatchee School District in the USA has a lot of people to keep track of. Needless to say, a paper visitor book just doesn’t cut it when it comes to safety and security for this volume of people. Find out how SwipedOn has proved the ultimate solution.


Why is SwipedOn the right fit for your school, college or university?

ID badge printing
Easily identify visitors in the building by their visitor badge.
Visitor sign in
Easily track additional people who are entering the facility.
Data privacy and GDPR compliant
All visitor data is securely stored and the SwipedOn system is fully GDPR and data privacy compliant.
User friendly
With a range of people using the system - from parents to grandparents, it’s a user-friendly set up, simple and easy to use for anyone.
United Kingdom

St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College

Based in the north of England, St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College has 180 employees. We caught up with their Director of IT Services, And...

United States

MacMurray College

Based in Jacksonville, Illinois, USA, MacMurray College is a higher education facility with 500 students using their halls of residence. They faced ch...

United Kingdom

Grace Academy Solihull

Grace Academy Solihull faced unnecessary expenses and time using paper-based processes. We spoke to the school’s senior IT technician Mark, to gain in...

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