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The 4 Benefits of a Reception Sign-In Software for Medical Facilities

Visitor management systems are a hot topic right now; not only do they enable a contactless visitor sign in experience, by replacing paper log books, but they offer the opportunity to monitor staff in out status for health and safety purposes and create a more connected workspace. And it’s not just offices that are benefitting from the visitor management solution. In fact, any facility that requires a reception desk can enjoy the features of one of these systems for visitors and employees alike.

In this article, we’ll focus on the benefit to medical facilities. So whether your looking to install the sign-in software for surgeries, hospitals, clinics, or private practices, you’ll have a solid understanding of how the visitor management system is set to benefit your facility to create a safe and secure environment. And the best bit? It’s really simple to install and use! Here are 4 benefits you’ll be set to experience with a visitor management system in your medical facility.

In this video, SwipedOn's Lou guides you through the 4 benefits of a reception sign in software for medical facilities.

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1. A secure workplace for employees in medical facilities

It’s simple, but so important. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and surgical hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and ambulatory health care settings were among the industries with the highest prevalence of nonfatal occupational violence, with respective incidence rates of 6.0, 6.8, and 2.4 per 100 full-time workers. Given these numbers, it is important for medical facilities to implement ways they can secure the safety of their workers as well as patients and visitors.

Medical facilities have multiple entry points; all of which should be guarded to ensure everyone entering the premises is properly accounted for. By utilising a reception sign-in software, all of these entry points can be conveniently monitored. This also acts as a deterrent to anyone contemplating an act of violence inside your medical facility, while minimising the stress of such an occurrence happening in your reception area.

How it works:

Upon entry, visitors log-in their details via the iPad registration app. At this point you also have the option to screen all visitors and approve or deny their entry. After completing the necessary information, they can proceed to their destination within the premises. The printed visitor badge indicates they have entered the premises following your medical facilities’ protocol.

Anyone lingering in your medical facility without any identification or badge can easily be identified and reported immediately to security. As a result, any nefarious character can be easily detected by security and personnel before having a chance to bring harm to any person within your building.

2. Identification of anyone entering the premises of a medical facility

Another reason a reception sign-in software is now a necessity for medical facilities is due to the strict compliance required by various agencies and government regulations. Every individual who enters the premise of any medical facility must be properly identified as part of the Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) compliance requirement of CMS.

Not only that, but the Joint Commission has placed great emphasis on patient and personnel safety standards. One of their prerequisites prior to accreditation is the assurance that these medical facilities have a way of identifying sensitive security locations within their premises and the need to place appropriate security protection in these areas. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in losing both funding and accreditation.

How it works:

Installing a reception sign-in software to multiple entry points inside your medical facility ensures each person entering your building is properly identified. Moreover, it enables real-time automation, which is also part of the CMS regulation.

When a visitor signs in upon entry, they are directed to have their photo taken for security purposes via the in-built camera in the iPad. This data is then stored securely in the cloud for your security purposes. Which leads us on to the next point...

3. Patient and Guest Data Protection and HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Regulation

The HLF7 Electronic Health Record Regulation has outlined specific standards in relation to the processing of electronic health information including exchanging, integrating, sharing and retrieving. All of this information, especially to those pertaining to the patient’s identity, as well as the visitors, and medical attendees. Restrictions must be strictly safeguarded based on a policy-based workflow. All of which can be done through a reception sign-in software.

How it works:

All data captured via the visitor management system is securely stored in a cloud data service with AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the USA. It is inaccessible to anyone without permission and is used purely for safety and security purposes.

4. The Demand for 24/7 Front Desk Officer

Juggling patients, constantly ringing phones, record-keeping and medical staff is a normal day for receptionists at a medical facility. Introducing a visitor sign-in software not only frees up some of their time but means they can take into account past encounters and how today’s encounter may affect future relations.

Adding a reception sign-in software to your front desk provides an additional hand, ears, and eyes for receptionists. This frees them from repetitive tasks so they can properly attend to those entering the premises.

How it works:

When your visitor signs in, the app does all the work for them. They are able to give all the information you need digitally, touch free via their mobile device, and will be directed at the end of the process for the next action. Usually they are directed to take a seat and your doctor, nurse, practitioner will be with you shortly, but it could include direction that leads them to a certain ward.

Medical facilities face many challenges in 2020. Installing a reception sign-in software at your front desk ensures a pleasant and hygienic visitor experience. Choose a visitor management system that can be customised to suit your unique requirements. We’d love to help with your visitor sign in solution, contact us to find out more.

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Lou Burton

Lou is our Brand & Content Manager at SwipedOn.