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4 Ways Contactless Sign In Systems Improve Employer Branding

For many decades, business visitor logs were tracked with paper processes and front desks were largely operated manually. With the rise of digital transformation, virtual visitor management solutions have become a more streamlined way to check-in guests with heightened safety, security, and efficiency. 

Digital solutions have become all the more important as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the nation, bringing with it a responsibility for businesses to adhere to social distancing measures and minimize personal interactions and physical contact. Now, visitor management systems with contactless sign in are necessary to ensure your business maintains both safety and a positive reputation. As one of the first interactions with your company, a contactless sign in system is a key part of your employer branding.

Why Branding and Perception Are Important 

Employer branding refers to a business’s reputation as an employer. The perception your company has as an employer can drastically affect your ability to source and retain top-tier employees and can influence your public reputation.

In a survey conducted by iHire, only 40.7% of organizations identified as having a branding strategy. However, that group reinforced the importance that branding can play in recruiting top talent. 51.2% said branding was critical for maintaining top talent and 41.2% said their brand builds credibility with internal and external stakeholders.

“An extremely competitive job market requires employers to make extra efforts to stand out from the competition if they want to recruit and retain top talent,” said Steve Flook, President and CEO of iHire.

With this in mind, here are some key benefits that contactless sign in solutions can have for building your employer brand. 

1. Prioritize User-Friendly Experiences

Contactless sign in solutions provide a simple yet hygienic, touch-free way for businesses to register visitors and employees. All guests need to do upon arrival in your workplace is scan a QR code with their mobile device and complete a few screening questions. The process is efficient and easy, which creates an enjoyable first experience as guests and prospective hires enter your workplace. 

1. Prioritize User-Friendly Experiences

As part of a larger digital solution, contactless sign in can also benefit employees through mobile access options such as the SwipedOn Pocket App. The mobile app enables touch-free sign-in as well as a digital employee in out board that includes custom status messages and return times on sign out. 

By replacing manual, paper processes that can clog up a reception area with streamlined contactless solutions, businesses communicate that they are forward-thinking and ahead of the technology curve. These perceptions reinforce positive employer branding as visitors, job candidates, employees, and other stakeholders enter your workplace. 

2. Leverage Emerging Technology

2. Leverage Emerging Technology

There are many other benefits to using cutting-edge technology as well. For example, SwipedOn’s contactless sign in system leverages technology to eliminate manual processes and free up resources to focus on the guest experience. 

The solution goes beyond standard sign in features and includes:

  • Screening questions and alerts 
  • The ability to capture visitor details—including photos
  • The ability to produce reports on visitor movements
  • Electronic signatures for agreements and NDAs
  • Wireless printing of visitor ID badges
  • Pre-registration for visitors before they arrive 
  • Customizable interface to market your brand

Such features reinforce that your business is committed to providing a seamless onsite experience. Streamlining your registration process with technology also increases front desk efficiency and allows reception staff to focus on providing a warm and welcoming experience. 

3. Keep Visitor and Employee Information Private

Any time a visitor is asked to leave information with a business, they have a right to know their personal information is safe. Paper logs are prone to security threats and anyone who looks at the logbook can see anyone else’s information.

Even with digital solutions, cybersecurity is a concern. The number of security breaches has grown exponentially in 2020. In fact, as COVID-19 has driven a larger adoption of digital solutions, identify theft has been cited as the biggest data security concern for Americans.  

3. Keep Visitor and Employee Information Private

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Not all digital solutions are created equal when it comes to security, unfortunately. As visitors and employers are asked to leave their trusted personal information at a front desk or visitor log, they need assurances that their information is safe. Highly secure contactless sign in solutions like SwipedOn can minimize security risks, provide guests peace of mind, and establish your business as a thought-leader on cybersecurity.

SwipedOn’s security and privacy features include:

  • The ability to work in offline mode in the unlikely event of a server outage 
  • Passwords are securely managed
  • 2-factor authentication and mandated screen locking time-limits ensure higher security
  • Credit card details are never stored
  • All information is heavily encrypted
  • Full GDPR compliance

In short, knowing that your business prioritizes the safety and secure use of personal data will comfort employees and prospective employees, further reinforcing your employer brand. 

4. Value the Physical Security of Your Organization 

Contactless solutions secure more than visitor and employee data. They also provide an added layer of physical security in your organization. SwipedOn’s contactless visitor management system can help businesses keep a record of everyone who enters their workplace and where they are at a given time. This visibility protects your workplace from any unwanted visitors and can help manage foot traffic in the lobby and reception area. The digital solution can also help your guests navigate the building quickly to reduce the amount of time they spend on site.

Equipping your front desk with a contactless visitor management system yields exponential gains for businesses looking to establish a strong employer brand. Visitors and prospective employees begin building their perception of your business from the moment they walk through the door—if not sooner. Having tools that reinforce your employer brand and establish you as a thought and tech-leader will result in a much easier time sourcing higher-level talent and retaining quality employees.

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Lou Burton

Lou is our Brand & Content Manager at SwipedOn.