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Everything You Need to Know About Business Process Automation

Business process automation is a bit of a buzz word nowadays. It’s also a real mouthful to say! In short, it’s a form of software technology which is ...


Change is Good but a Transformation is Better

Eighteen months ago, I made a decision that significantly changed my life and that of my family’s. I seemingly had it all – a wonderful wife and two a...

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Reception Branding: Strengthening the Visitor Experience

The significance of first impressions is something ingrained into many of us from a young age. We hear the adage “first impressions count” and “you ne...


SwipedOn - Our Roadmap

If you are anything like me, future planning is something that I just HAVE to do. It’s akin to going to the supermarket without a shopping list – sure...

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The Future of Health & Safety

The topic of workplace health and safety can make many of us glaze over and start thinking about more enjoyable things like our holiday plans, or a yu...

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5 Key Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Throw out the messy old paper and pen and opt in to a sleek and elegant visitor management solution. Why, you ask? Here are our top 5 reasons: