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See visitor answers in emails 📧
19 July 2022

The latest SwipedOn release gives you the ability to include all visitor responses in approval and host emails.

This feature is enabled on the Visitor settings page. Simply select the checkbox to include all visitor responses in host notification emails & include all visitor responses in approval emails and you're good to go! 



Admin role management has moved 📦
22 June 2022

You'll now update and assign admin roles directly from the Employee Directory tab in the SwipedOn web dashboard. Simply select an employee to make updates or resend their invite. 

For more information on Admin roles check out our support article.

Important updates to evacuation mode 🚨
16 June 2022

We know evacuation mode is one of the most important features for our customers, and the latest app version 3.3.0 includes updates to make using it even easier:

• Visitors and employees are no longer signed out once marked as safe. This change means evacuation data is stored locally and will not be synced between devices.
• Host information is now shown for visitors
• You can search employees by custom profile field (department, floor level etc)
• Instantly hide anyone who has been located as safe

evac-graphic-01 (1)


Do More With The SwipedOn Web Dashboard
30 May 2022

A slick interface update means everything is a little more intuitive to make your experience in the software as simple as possible. We’ve focussed on ensuring you have more of what you need at your fingertips & giving you the power to use SwipedOn how you want to. See all the updates here.

Custom Agreements by Category is LIVE
30 May 2022

SwipedOn Enterprise customers can now further customize the sign in experience for visitors by setting a different agreement, NDA, or document for their specific visitor categories. Find out how here.

Introducing... New Sign Out Safely Settings
30 May 2022

Make sure your visitors are safely off-site with a couple of sweet new sign out settings. You can now send notifications once a visitor has signed out and/or if they have not signed out after a certain amount of time. Find out more here

Powering Up Your SwipedOn Pocket
30 May 2022

Customers with the SwipedOn SMS AddOn can now receive host notifications directly via the Pocket app, and employees have the option to upload a profile photo and manage notification settings within the app. Make sure your app is updated to v2.8.0 to get started.



Request important information from your visitors with the new Document Field
2 December 2021

We’re pleased to let you know that SwipedOn now supports document uploads for visitors.

 The uses for this feature are endless. The most highly requested use cases are proof of vaccination, different licenses or site certifications, and proof of PPE. 

For QR code sign in: A document or image can be uploaded directly from a mobile device or a new photo can be taken and uploaded.

For iPad sign in: A new image can be taken directly on the iPad camera.

You can choose if this is a requirement to enter your site and if it triggers a manual approval or not. Create new document fields from the Visitor Fields page or for more information check out this blog post.

This feature is available across all SwipedOn subscriptions. SwipedOn iOS iPad app v3.0.0 is required to display document fields.

Verify employee movements with Pocket QR
30 October 2021

For customers on Business and Enterprise plans, SwipedOn Pocket now supports verified sign in via location specific QR codes. You can now use QR codes to facilitate verified sign in’s across all locations via Pocket, phone camera, or a QR scanning app. The means you no longer need an iPad at each location to verify employees are on site when signing in.Employees simply scan the QR and let Pocket do the rest, matching the QR code to the correct location instantly.

 QR capability also means an even quicker sign in option and makes roaming to different office locations easier than ever - just wave your phone camera over the code on your way to the nearest coffee machine or meeting and let us do the rest!
If you’re already using contactless QR code sign in for visitors, you can either use the same code for staff or you can set up new codes from the Contactless Settings page.

SwipedOn Pocket app v2.7.0 for iOS & Android is required for Employee QR

Got Questions? Get Answers
24 September 2021

We have two new field types available to enhance your visitor sign in flow.

Head to the Visitor Fields page to create all new multi-choice and checkbox visitor fields, meaning you can tailor your visitor welcome even further and get more detailed answers to those important questions. Multi-choice fields prompt your visitors to answer a question by selecting a single answer from a list of options you provide and a checkbox field allows your guests to select all responses that apply to them. 

These two new fields are available for visitors signing in from both the iPad and Contactless QR codes. 

SwipedOn iOS iPad app v2.24.0 is required to display multi-choice and checkbox fields.

Disable visitor in & out for specific iPads
8 September 2021

No visitors? No worries!

You can now disable visitor sign in & out on specific iPads from the devices page. An ideal option if you’ve got dedicated employee or delivery iPads and entrances, or if you’re not currently welcoming visitors but do have staff coming and going. 

Uncheck the Visitor In/Out option for each iPad, or mix and match the available features per device to tailor what experience is available. 

SwipedOn iOS iPad app 2.22.0 and above is required to disable visitor in/out

Segment your visitors with fields by category
15 August 2021

If you're on a SwipedOn Enterprise plan, you can now use Categories to customise your visitor fields for the different types of visitors you receive!

You can set this up on the Visitor Fields settings page. Create a new category on the left, or select an existing one, then use the 👁 icon on your fields to show and hide the correct fields for that category.

Categories now appear as the first option to visitors if you have more than one category enabled. You can also create a question to associate with your categories.

Also in this update, you can now set Visitor Field Two (Company Name by default) to be optional or hidden. 🎉

SwipedOn iOS iPad app v2.22.0 is required to display fields per category and hide visitor field two.

Allow your employees to work remotely
2 August 2021

SwipedOn Pocket now gives employees the ability to mark themselves as working remotely on sign in. Administrators have full visibility in the SwipedOn dashboard of which staff are working on site or remotely, making contact tracing and emergency evacuations easier and clearer than ever.

You can enable remote working for employees at an entire location in the employee settings page as well as the extra flexibility to enable or disable remote working for select individuals via their employee profile.

Employees will require SwipedOn Pocket v2.4.0 (iOS & Android) to use remote sign in.

SwipedOn iOS iPad v2.22.0 is required to view which employees are working remotely.

Employee roaming now available in SwipedOn Pocket
15 June 2021

This update allows your employees to sign in to new locations using SwipedOn Pocket on any multi location account.

If an employee usually works at ‘Head Office’ but is working from the ‘Beach Office’ for the day they can select that on sign in, simply ask employees to download the latest version of SwipedOn Pocket on their smartphone (available on both Android and iOS). This feature continues to work as it did previously via the iPad: employees can arrive at a different location on the same account and move themselves over, selecting if they wish to remain or be signed out at the end of the day.

To ensure that roaming is enabled for your account you can head to the Locations page and enable the Employee Roaming checkbox at the bottom of the Groups tab.

Employees will require SwipedOn Pocket v2.3.0 or above.

Anonymize your visitors data automatically
12 May 2021

If you are on an Enterprise plan SwipedOn now offers an easy way to ensure your visitor data is automatically anonymised, removing the overhead of manually anonymising data after a certain timeframe. This feature ensures your business is compliant with internal or external privacy policies.

Automatic Anonymization can be set to a certain amount of days and any completed visits from before that timeframe will be anonymised automatically. To enable this feature and set the amount of days to keep data head to the Visitor Settings page.

Group your locations together or separate them: it’s your choice
10 December 2020

If you’re on a SwipedOn Enterprise plan with multiple locations, you can now organize your locations together into groups to share settings. Go to the new Location Groups page, create as many groups as you need, and drag and drop your locations together. All locations in a group will share the same settings.

If you want an individual location to have it’s own unique settings, drag it over to the right column to set as a Single Location.

Know when your employees sign in on site
7 December 2020

SwipedOn Proximity is here! If you’re on a SwipedOn Business or Enterprise plan, you can now see when employees have signed in or out at your location in the employee timeline. SwipedOn Proximity allows the iPad to be seen as a beacon to nearby SwipedOn Pocket apps, verifying their sign in or out as being made at your location.

On the Employee Timeline, any sign in completed on site using the SwipedOn iPad or a SwipedOn Pocket device will show a small tick next to the device used. SwipedOn Pocket users will see they are in range of the iPad with a green animation around their profile picture, giving confidence that their sign in or out will be verified. Employees can also receive reminder notifications to sign in and out when they move into and out of range of the SwipedOn iPad. Update this setting on the Contactless Settings page.

Requires SwipedOn iPad app v2.19.0 and SwipedOn Pocket v1.1.0 (iOS or Android)

Enterprise customers: Customize your settings by location
7 October 2020

If you're a Company Admin on a multi-location SwipedOn account, you can now customize certain settings to be different at different locations. Simply select the location you wish to change in the header, and any changes you make will save only to the location. This works for:

Visitor Fields
Visitor Settings
Employee Settings
Contactless Settings

If you have the Deliveries or Catering AddOns, you can now customize your settings for these by location as well.

Other settings will soon be available to edit by location, including visitor agreements and branding. Keep an eye on progress here.

Customize automatic sign out times
7 October 2020

Did you know you can configure your SwipedOn account to automatically log out visitors and/or employees who forget to sign themselves out?

Simply select the hour you want this to happen on the new Visitor Settings and Employee Settings pages, and we'll take care of the rest. If you've got multiple locations, you can also now set different times for different locations.

Your visitors can now take a photo with their own device
2 October 2020

With the addition of visitor photos to SwipedOn Contactless, your visitors can now add a photo to their registration without touching the iPad. If you have visitor photos enabled, this is now enabled for both the iPad app and contactless.

To enable or disable visitor photos, go to the Visitor Settings page.

Employee sign in and out from your own device
8 July 2020

pocket-google-play3Introducing SwipedOn Pocket, the mobile app for iPhone and Android that allows you to sign in and out as an employee without the need to use the SwipedOn iPad app.

Simply swipe to sign in, and swipe again to sign out. SwipedOn pocket fully supports your Employee Sign In Questions and Sign Out Messages, making it quick and easy to scr een your employees as they come and go.

Enable Employee In/Out on SwipedOn Pocket now!
Visitor sign-in, touch free
18 May 2020

features-contactless-blogGive your visitors the option to sign in on their own device by enabling SwipedOn Contactless visits. 

Add a QR code to your iPad home screen, or generate one to print out, and your visitors can quickly and safely register as they arrive, simply by scanning the code. Signing out is easy too, just scan again on your way out!