on December 21, 2016 Product

SwipedOn - Our Roadmap

If you are anything like me, future planning is something that I just HAVE to do. It’s akin to going to the supermarket without a shopping list – sure, you’ll come away with some food, but you’ll forget the important stuff and buy a bunch of other things you really didn’t need! Plus, I’d get a significant amount of grief from the Mrs! 

At SwipedOn we get feature requests and improvement ideas passed to us every day by our wonderful customers. It’s awesome – and I know every member of our small team loves hearing from the people who are using SwipedOn out there in the offices, schools, studios, co-share working spaces and superyachts around the world.

The challenging part about hearing all this amazing feedback comes down to one thing – planning. The challenge for us (and indeed any software company) is to take all our customers’ needs and wants and prioritize, sort and filter them down to the most important aspects and plan for their future development. It’s a daily exercise that goes on between me, our Development team and our CX staff (Customer Experience). We compile the roadmap and constantly update it with what’s up next. As our product grows and the user base with it, we find ourselves extending the list and jumping around the room when we have an awesome idea. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day! It does of course come down to resource, something of which is about to get a lot bigger in 2017 (more on that later!).

We often get asked “Does SwipedOn have a Product Roadmap, and if so, can we see it?” The answer to date has been “Yes, but not public”, simply because things have been moving at such a speed that the goal posts shift from one day to the next. However I am beginning to think this should change. I want our progress to be public – to show our loyal customers what SwipedOn is about and how we are bringing value to their business. I want them to see what our plans are and contribute to the ideas. We are already the best value for money Visitor Registration system out there, but want to increase this 10 fold over the coming 12 months!

So if you would like to see our Roadmap made public, then please get in touch below. I’d love to hear you feedback on what things you’d like to see, what’s working and what we can improve on. We will then publish this in a doc for you all to share in and interact with. We want our customers to feel like they are shaping this product with us!

Ben Scott

Ben is our Head of Product and Co-Founder at SwipedOn.